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    Sorry all Bikes are sold I have only a few frames left.

    I will have photo when I am done painting

    2 29er frames large



    This will be the 2011 line of Road Bikes and MTB 29er. I will have more info very soon with all the pricing and how to order a custom painted Dixon frame. Here are a few pics of the first custom Dixon frame.

    The Manta X and Manta 456

    2011 road bike line

    And coming soon Stinger 29er

    Now let's talk about the Dixon Frames. These frames are of the highest quality. The manufacturer has been making frames for the past 20 yrs and they have made some of the more well know brands. They are ISO certified and compliant.

     There is a 2 year warranty on all frames and forks from manufacturing defects.

     Why this frame you ask?

     Well, it is a stiffer frame than most, so if you are a heavier person like me (200lbs), or you are a racer or strong sprinter, this is for you.

     Stiffer rear triangle area means more power to the ground, not wasted on flex.

     I have had many top US and European brands that said they were stiff, but they did not come close. So I started Dixon Bikes.

     How much does a custom paint job add to the weight?  If it is custom, does it matter?

    Yes, I have weighed a few, and it does add between 3 to 6 oz depending on the frame size and if you are having additional components painted.

     Who does the painting? Me. I have been painting for about 25 yrs and riding bikes even longer.

     There will be a full line of products with pricing coming soon.

     If you have more questions about my frames and painting, please email me at wtdixon@gmail.com

     Thank you for taking the time to read this and look at my site.





    New Frames for the 2012 season coming soon