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    Q/A      About Dixon art

    Q1.  Are these real drawing?

    A1.  Yes

    Q2.  Are these photo that have been filtered in photo shop?

    A2. No I do not scan photos and filter them with any programs these are all hand drawn, I use a grid method, I learned when I was young. Please see the How its done page .

    Q3. How long does it take to draw one of these drawings.

    A3. I can draw people in about 2 to 3 weeks, some of the pits scenes Like the Big pit drawing that took about 8 month to draw the Original. Other avg about 3 month on originals.

    Q4. Are you really drawing it if you are using a computer to draw it?

    A4. Yes I draw on a Wacom tablet, it takes the place of the paper or canvas I would normally use. And I use a program call Painter 9.

    Q5. What can you draw?

    A5. Well I have drawn many different things, what you see on my site is only a sample of things I have drawn. Privet and commission work does not go on my site.





    Q/A     About Dixon Bikes. 

    Q.1 can I buy just the frame and fork custom painted. 

    A .1yes.

    Q.2 If I buy just the frame and fork custom painted now, can I have the rest painted at a later date. A.2 NO   I need to paint it all at once to be sure the color is right.

    Q.3 Can I just buy the bars , steam, bottle cages, wheel set, ext 

    A.3 yes I will have a update on the price here very soon.


    Q.4 Who makes these frames.

    A.4 I have them made in a factory in Twain, they have been making carbon bikes for some of the other well know brands that I can not mention. But they have been doing this more a number of years now, they are ISO  certified compliant. 


    Q.5 How much does a full custom painted bike weight when it complete 

    A.5 the orange bike you see on my site the Manta X 58cm, its weight  at birth was 15.2lbs.


    Q.6 Is your frame stiff

    A.6 YES  and still rides nice even at a 100 miles.


    Q.7 What is the warranty on your frames.

    A.7 2yr factory warranty. And yes I do offer crash replacement cost on frame sets. And if you beat it with a hammer or abuse it, well bummer for you.


    Q.8 How long does it take to get a frame if I have to order it.

    A.8 It should take about 2 to 6 weeks. but I have seen it take up to 8 weeks, but it was worth the weight.


    Q.9 Who is Dixon bikes and why should I buy a Dixon bike.

    A.9 Well I say you should buy the bike that you want. But if it is quality you are worry about, I would say it is as good as any of the other big name brands I have owned, if not better. And if you go with a custom paint jobs you will have a one of a kind.


    Q10. Can I have a custom painted bike made with Sram Red or Shimano Di2 or Dura ace?

    A10. yes.